Stories of Italy is a brand and a studio based in Milan that creates fine pieces connected with traditional Italian craft.

Inspiration comes from the great archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of our country.
Objects and symbols from a common past
 read in a contemporary way.
The aesthetic is clean in shapes and fresh in colors, while the material focus is on Murano blown glass. Our works are conceived as “everyday objects” that are aesthetically beautiful but also tools of communication: all our pieces carry their own stories.
We blend design, craft, art, to capture the essence of these iconic Italian traditions which are often related to precise aesthetic rules. We like to play with them, experimenting with the materials and with our artisans' skills.

We have established a strong relationship with these people, artisans who consider their job a lifetime vocation. Their work embodies a secular tradition that is still constantly developing, a treasure that distinguishes Italy as one of the most unique countries in the world.
Stories of Italy represents our small contribution to the italian heritage preservation. With our work we try to keep these traditions alive, giving them a place in modernity.


Thought for hotels, restaurants, architects, interiors. Designworks, lighting projects, tableware, home décor, realized with the best italian materials. We'll be pleased to assist you from the idea to the final product.  For further information and to enquiries about possible projects together, please contact us at:


Creative Director:

Creative Director:





“After living in Sweden for a while, I came back to Italy with the intention of embarking on an endeavour that would be completely Italian.Stories of Italy is the result of our avid fascination and curiosity for all the Italians stories, whether small or big. Each one of our pieces is unique and devoid of preconcieved rules, something I have always liked.”


The founders and creative directors, Matilde Antonacci (b. 1981) and Dario Buratto (b. 1981), met in Florence in 2000. After graduating from Polimoda institute, they moved to Milan, where they worked in the fashion industry for world-renown brands, like Helmut Lang, Acne Studios, Costume National, Dsquared and Ballantyne.
In 2016, they embarked on a new project that incorporates two of their passions, design and high-end Italian artisanship, and that specialises in Murano glass.

“The years spent away from Italy only reinforced a sense of urgency in me to dive into works related to the extensive heritage of our artisanship. We are not interested in what the design represents in itself but rather on the individual people and artists that work everyday on their own unique Italian stories.”


In the three years since its inception, alongside its own living and tableware products for retail and galleries, Stories of Italy has been collaborating with architecture firms on projects for the hospitality sector, designers and various brands, such as Gilles&Boissier, Four Seasons Hotel, Diptyque, Les Ottomans, Gallery Bensimon, Vivienne Westwood, Pierre Gonalons.
Lately, Stories of Italy’s creative output has also extended to lighting design projects, with its own collection and customized contract projects.

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