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Dattero Ametista
This monoflower vase is a custom-made production of Stories of Italy most iconic designwork Dattero. It has been produced in ametista colour exclusively for Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.

Each piece is blown by mouth by our master glass blower in Murano island.
The tecnique used for these vases is called Sommerso, a typical tecnique from Murano island which requires a blown work in thick glass. In this case blown ametista coloured internal casting (pea) is covered by four-time soaked transparent crystal coatings (incamiciature).

The date (dattero) motif was one of the most elegant in the Ancient Roman vetreria (glassmaking).
Through the Roman furnaces, it assumed a particular iconographic role, where it was converted into a refined container for balms and precious ointments, sophisticated alternates for those small fruits which were commonly donated in the capital as auspicious gifts on New Year’s Day.
It is still not known for sure for which commercial products these containers were used, but they were probably the renowned essences for which the Phoenicia was celebrated.


Bicchiere Ametista
This glass has been designed and produced exclusively for FourSeasons Hotel Firenze. Each glass has been blown by mouth by our master glass blower in Murano island.

Ametista is a traditional colour coming from Murano glassmaking heritage.
The gently curvy shape of the glass is inspired by an ancient Rome cup dated 1st century A.D.

Ancient Incalmo technique, used in these glasses, requires a particular dexterity from the master performing it. It is used to create objects formed by separate parts blown one at a time, usually of different colors, and then joined together while still warm. It's a sophisticated tecnique which allow a color-blocking effect. Incalmo technique is very delicate because the final fusion point must not be visibile and the two pieces must be modelled so that they fuse together perfectly.
The glasses are now used daily by chef Vito Mollica at Michelin-starred restaurant Il Palagio.